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Are you looking to hire a property manager in Burrillville, RI? If you are then consider working with Lyon Property Management! Managing your Burrillville rental property can mean exchanging a lot of your time to perform daily maintenance tasks. If your time is better suited to chasing after investment opportunities, consider hiring an excellent property manager.

Lyon Property Management has an experienced team of specialists ready to provide vital services from screening tenants and marketing vacant units to performing property inspections and maintaining rentals. Our full-service company is driven to offer excellent property management solutions to our valued clients and help them retain the best renters. 

We care about supporting our clients to get the best returns on their property investments. That’s why we’re dedicated to strategizing and delivering strong results. With our stellar customer service, we keep your rental income steady and tenant relationships stable. Reach out to us today at (401) 400 7006 and we’ll find the best ways to achieve success for your Burrillville rental investment!

Our Burrillville Property Management Services 

Lyon Property Management offers a full suite of property management services such as marketing, tenant screening, rent collection, property inspections, financial reporting, property maintenance and repair, and more. Here are some of the benefits you’ll experience when you engage our property management services: 


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Marketing of Your Rental Property

While being a landlord allows you to save on management fees, your strategies for marketing your Burrillville rental remain limited. Under Lyon Property Management, we’re able to advertise to a wide audience. With our industry experience and local expertise, we can shorten vacation periods thus ensuring more consistent rental income. We use several tools and platforms to ensure that more potential tenants are able to view your rental unit. 

Tenant Screening Process

You can entrust your Burrillville rental to Lyon Property Management given our excellent standards for picking renters for your unit. We leave no stone unturned and evaluate renters based on their credit ratings, financial capacity, and rental history. We verify where they’re working and communicate with previous landlords to ensure we have all the right information. Through our detailed tenant screening, we can help you avoid future conflicts, evictions, and damaged property.

Rent Collection

For your Burrillville rental, we save you from performing manual rent collection. We have a tried-and-tested method for collecting the rent promptly, which also offers convenience to the renters. Our system is streamlined and systematic. It also protects you from late payments. We also nurture a great relationship with the tenants to build respect and inspire them to pay on time and reduce damage to the property.

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Property Maintenance & Repairs

Given that your main responsibility is keeping your Burrillville rental space well-maintained for your tenants, it can be challenging if you have multiple rental properties to attend to. We have a solid system for maintaining rentals and work with a reliable team of contractors that resolve any emergency situations and required repairs. You can rest easy knowing that we’re on top of things and repairs are coordinated on your behalf.

Financial Reporting

Paperwork is part of being a landlord and it can consume a lot of time organizing your bookkeeping and checking the income statements of your Burrillville rental. With Lyon Property Management as your partner, you can count on us to deliver important financial reports efficiently. You can easily access these reports online so you won’t lose any paperwork and can conveniently check them anytime. This method lets you learn right away if your financials are doing well or if you need to adjust your business strategies.

Routine Property Inspections

It’s crucial to thoroughly inspect your Burrillville rental to see signs of damage and gain the trust of your renters. Otherwise, you will miss any property issues if the renter has not reported any property concerns. Staying vigilant benefits landlords since early detection of damage entails less repair costs. Otherwise, one damage can lead to another, such as having a leaky roof that wasn’t fixed can eventually damage the floor, ceilings, and walls.

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Lease Agreement Preparation

If you’re a new owner of a Burrillville rental and you struggle over what to include in the rental agreement, we invite you to partner with Lyon Property Management. We know the current property laws and what property terms and conditions are critical. We also disclose to the renters the information required under the law. We practice transparency. We also take the time to fully explain to the renter the lease agreement, so they know what to expect. We conduct the lease signing process on our client’s behalf and provide a copy to the renters so they can be guided on their responsibilities and how rental processes work.

About Burrillville, Rhode Island

Burrillville is a town named after US Senator James Burrill, Jr., Rhode Island’s Attorney General. It’s divided into six villages, Glendale, Harrisville, Mapleville, Nasonville, Oakland, and Pascoag. 

Residents appreciate living in Burrillville for its tight-knit community, sense of safety, and amazing natural landscapes. It’s attractive to many because the town is laid back while still being close to the city, making it easy to enjoy urban amenities. Here are interesting things to see in and around Burrillville, Rhode Island:

  • Burrillville Spring Lake Beach
  • Spring Lake Arcade
  • Mulberry Vineyards
  • Rustic Tri-View Drive-in
  • Mowry Conservation Area

(Source: Wikipedia)  

Areas We Serve

Apart from Burrillville, Lyon Property Management also provides management services in the following areas: Attleboro, Cranston, East Side-Providence, West Warwick, CoventryFoxboro, Scituate, North Smithfield, North Attleboro, Providence, Pawtucket, Warwick, Johnston, North Providence, Lincoln, West Greenwich, East Greenwich, Kent County, Smithfield, New London, Groton, Stonington, New Bedford, Norwich, Ledyard, Griswold, Plainfield, Mystic and more.