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Are you a Coventry, RI landlord in search of a trusted property management partner? Look no further than Lyon Property Management – your ally in streamlined property ownership!

Founded in 2015, our property management company serves Coventry and its surroundings, offering tailored solutions for single-family homes, multi-family units, and commercial spaces. Our team of property managers are committed to maximizing your investment returns while minimizing your day-to-day workload.

Lyon Property Management simplifies property ownership for landlords in Coventry, RI. Specializing in diverse property types, our experienced team delivers proven expertise and tailored solutions. Whether you own a single rental home or a comprehensive portfolio, schedule a free analysis with Lyon today and unlock the potential for long-term profits. Contact us today to learn more about our Coventry property management services!

Our Comprehensive Coventry Property Management Services

At Lyon Property Management, we take a meticulous and comprehensive approach to meet the unique needs of landlords in Coventry, RI, ensuring the success and longevity of their investments. Whether you need help marketing rentals, screening prospective tenants, collecting monthly rental payments, or conducting property maintenance, our property managers have you covered.

Here are some of the dedicated property management services we offer our clients:

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Tenant Screening

When it comes to finding the right tenant for your property, Lyon Property Management goes the extra mile. Our tenant screening process involves more than just a glance at a rental application. We conduct thorough background checks, dig into eviction records, and look at credit reports. This meticulous approach helps us ensure that the tenants we place in your property are not only financially stable but also have a track record of responsible renting.

Property Marketing

Lyon Property Management invests in professional photography and videography to capture the essence of your rental property. Beyond that, we employ targeted online advertising strategies to make sure your property gets noticed by the right audience. We optimize property listings for search engines, ensuring that your investment stands out in the competitive market of Coventry, RI.

Leasing Agreements

Crafting leasing agreements is about creating a solid foundation for a successful landlord-tenant relationship. Lyon Property Management customizes lease documents to fit the unique characteristics of your property and adhere to local regulations. We keep you legally covered while also ensuring that tenants clearly understand their responsibilities, creating a harmonious living environment for everyone.

Move-In Inspections

The beginning of a lease is a crucial time, and Lyon Property Management understands the importance of starting on the right foot. Our move-in inspections are detailed and thorough, including room-by-room documentation of the property’s condition. 

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We encourage tenant participation in walk-throughs, fostering open communication and addressing any concerns from the get-go. All inspection reports are digitally stored, making them easily accessible for future reference.

Regular Property Inspections

Your property’s well-being is our priority, and regular inspections are our way of ensuring it stays in top shape. Beyond identifying existing issues, we provide proactive recommendations for maintenance and improvements to enhance your property’s value. 

Detailed inspection reports, complete with suggested action plans and timelines, are sent to you, keeping you informed and in control. Transparent communication is key, and when applicable, tenants are informed in advance about scheduled inspections.

Rent Collection with Online Payments

We understand the importance of consistent and timely cash flow for landlords. Lyon Property Management works with you to establish customized rent collection schedules, accommodating your unique preferences. 

Our secure online payment portals make it easy for tenants to submit their rent on time, and our team handles late payments with a structured approach, ensuring adherence to lease terms while maintaining a positive relationship with tenants.

Maintenance and Repairs

Property maintenance can be a hassle, but not with us as your property manager. We have a network of trusted vendors and contractors, ensuring quality and cost-effective maintenance services for your property. 

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Urgent issues are addressed promptly through our 24/7 emergency response system, minimizing potential damage and ensuring tenant safety. Lyon Property Management also develops and implements preventative maintenance plans, addressing potential issues before they become costly problems. We’re creating partnerships with landlords to ensure their investment properties thrive.

About Coventry, Rhode Island

Coventry, Rhode Island, offers a charming blend of rural tranquility and suburban convenience. Rich in history and surrounded by scenic landscapes, Coventry boasts a unique appeal that draws in residents seeking a balance between peaceful living and proximity to urban amenities.

One of Coventry’s standout features is its commitment to preserving its historical roots. The town is home to numerous well-preserved colonial-era buildings, reflecting a bygone era that adds character to the community. Residents can stroll through the historic district, where cobblestone streets and colonial architecture transport them back in time.

Coventry also offers a close-knit community atmosphere, an excellent school system, and recreational facilities making it an attractive destination for a diverse range of residents. With parks, sports facilities, and community events, Coventry fosters a sense of belonging that enriches the quality of life for its residents.

For nature enthusiasts, Coventry provides ample opportunities to explore the great outdoors. From the serene waterfront of Johnson’s Pond to the vast greenery of the George B. Salter Memorial Grove, outdoor recreational activities are endless. The presence of these natural wonders enhances the overall appeal of Coventry, creating a haven for those seeking a peaceful and picturesque place to call home.

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Areas We Serve

In addition to Coventry, we at Lyon Property Management are proud to provide services in the following areas: Cranston, Attleboro, East Side-Providence, Scituate, Woonsocket, Foxboro, North Smithfield, North Attleboro, Burrillville, Providence, Glocester, Warwick, Pawtucket, Johnston, Lincoln, Central Falls, North Providence, West Warwick, Kent County, Smithfield, New London, Groton, Stonington, New Bedford, Norwich and more.