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Are you a property owner in New Bedford, MA, seeking reliable property management services? Lyon Property Management should be your go to solution. Specializing in simplifying property management for landlords, we enable you to maximize the value of your assets while enjoying a seamless rental experience. 

We understand that your rental property is more than just an investment; it’s vital to your livelihood. Our dedicated team is committed to unlocking its full potential while providing you with the peace of mind you deserve. 

With our in-depth knowledge of state and local regulations, rest assured your property remains compliant, protecting your interests and investment. Choose Lyon Property Management for unparalleled property management services in New Bedford, MA.

Our Property Management Services

For a full range of property management services in New Bedford, Massachusetts, Lyon Property Management is your go-to partner.

The following are a few services we offer:

Property Marketing

Swift occupancy is integral to our strategy, recognizing the financial risks of prolonged vacancies. We employ marketing techniques to expedite the rental process and optimize your rental income. 

Utilizing web platforms, local advertising, and professional property imagery, we showcase your property to a wide audience, maximizing its exposure and attractiveness. Our goal is to minimize vacancy periods, ensuring consistent revenue streams and mitigating financial strain for property owners.

Leasing Agreements

Safeguarding your interests as a property owner begins with a comprehensive lease agreement that adheres to local regulations. Lyon Property Management specializes in crafting legally sound leases customized to your requirements, ensuring peace of mind.


Our priority is to facilitate a seamless and transparent leasing process, covering essential aspects such as rent terms, tenant responsibilities, and pertinent details. By prioritizing clarity and compliance, we aim to streamline the leasing experience, providing both landlords and tenants with confidence and convenience.

Tenant Screening

We conduct thorough background checks, meticulously verifying rental history, creditworthiness, and employment status of prospective tenants. Our team carefully evaluates each applicant, considering factors such as financial stability and a history of responsible tenancy. 

By prioritizing this stringent screening process, we aim to protect our clients’ investments and foster positive landlord-tenant relationships. With Lyon Property Management, you can trust that your property is managed with care and precision, supported by a comprehensive screening process tailored to your needs.

Move-In Inspections

Thorough move-in inspections conducted with tenants before occupancy are paramount for protecting your property assets. By meticulously documenting the condition of the space beforehand, we preemptively address potential disputes over damages and security deposit deductions at the lease’s end. 

This proactive approach establishes a transparent and documented record of your property’s condition throughout the duration of the tenancy, fostering trust and minimizing risks for both landlords and tenants.

Regular Property Inspections

As a landlord, maintaining your property to high standards is paramount for tenant satisfaction and asset preservation. Regular inspections are instrumental in identifying and addressing maintenance issues before they worsen.


Our team conducts routine property inspections to uphold your property’s integrity and swiftly address any emerging concerns. By promptly attending to tenant feedback and resolving issues early, we prevent minor problems from escalating into costly repairs, ensuring a harmonious and well-maintained rental environment for both landlords and tenants.

Rent Collection with Online Payments

Our intuitive web platform benefits both landlords and tenants by simplifying rent collection. Its user-friendly features contribute to fewer late payments, ensuring a consistent rental income for property owners. 

Tenants appreciate the convenience of online payments, fostering a smoother rental experience. With our platform, landlords can rely on efficient rent collection processes, while tenants enjoy simple payment methods, ultimately enhancing satisfaction for all parties involved.

Maintenance and Repairs 

We understand the pivotal importance of consistent maintenance in upholding a property’s value. Our committed team works closely with a trusted network of contractors and service providers to meticulously coordinate all maintenance and repair projects.

Emphasizing quality and timeliness, we strive to minimize inconvenience for your tenants while delivering top-notch upkeep. With Lyon Property Management, rest assured that your property investment receives expert care, guaranteeing its sustained value and tenant contentment for the long haul.

About New Bedford, MA

Located along the scenic coastline of Massachusetts, New Bedford beckons real estate investors and rental property owners with its rich historical charm and promising economic prospects. Renowned for its maritime heritage, this vibrant city boasts a diverse array of attractions, from picturesque waterfronts to cultural landmarks like the New Bedford Whaling Museum. 

Its location between Providence and Cape Cod positions it as a prime hub for commerce and tourism, attracting a steady influx of visitors year-round. With a robust rental market fueled by a mix of professionals, students, and families, New Bedford offers lucrative opportunities for property investment. 

The city’s affordable housing options and strong rental demand make it an attractive destination for landlords seeking consistent returns. Ongoing revitalization efforts and infrastructure developments further enhance the city’s appeal, promising sustained growth and appreciation potential for savvy investors. 

Whether you’re looking to expand your portfolio or enter the market, New Bedford presents an enticing landscape ripe with possibilities for real estate success.

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